Kodogu 小道具



All parts of the Japanese sword can be made to order to your exact requirements, including Habaki 鎺, Seppa 切羽, Shitadome 鵐目 etc. Soft metal (copper 赤金, sentoku 宣徳 (brass), Shakudo 赤銅, Shibuichi 四分一 and Tetsu 鉄 (iron) fittings found on Japanese swords that have lost their original colour or patina (either through neglect or through inexperienced collectors removing what they think is discolouration) can be restored to their original condition using traditional colouring techniques called ‘Iroage’ (metal colouring). Thereby restoring the collectability and value of items such as Tsuba 鍔, Fuchi 縁, Kashira 頭, Kozuka 小柄, Seppa 切羽, and Menuki 目貫 etc. Russet iron, as found on Tsuba 鍔 etc, has the look of being 'Shibumi 渋み' (understated elegance), which is highly admired by sophisticated collectors. This can also be restored. Lost inlays, in Hira-zogan (flat inlay) or Taka-zogan (raised) on all Kodogu can also be made and fitted









Shakudo Nanako-ji Hosokawa

Ka-mon Kozuka

赤銅 魚子地 の 細川 厦門 の小柄


A replacement design for an original Shakudo Nanakoji Kozuka.The design of the crest of the Hosokawa clan is made from one piece of real Shakudo (a copper alloy with approx 3% gold)













Handmade 3-piece Shitodome


Made from copper and plated in pure gold.


Handmade Shibuichi Kozuka

四分一 の 小柄

Made from an alloy of copper and silver it is patinated with traditional techniques to create a beautiful patina.





Handmade Obitori andTachi Sageo

帯執. 太刀の下緒


The Japanese E-gawa doeskin was handmade using traditional stencilling techniques. The sageo is made from Japanese doeskin dyed with natural Shikon 紫根 dye and is over 10 feet long untied.

Shakudo Nanako-ji Hosokawa  Ka-mon Kozuka

After Restoration

Shakudo Nanakoji Kozuka before

Before Restoration

Shibuichi  Kozuka 四分一 の 小柄
Obitori 帯執 and Tachi Sageo